About us

NanoPhoria is a preclinical stage biotech company
pioneering inhalable cardiovascular treatments
via non-viral nano-delivery of biologics.

The Company is devoted to the clinical development
of an innovative proprietary platform for the
 tissue-directed delivery of therapeutic peptides and RNAs.
The core vehicle is an inorganic calcium-phosphate nanoparticle
which represents a versatile, biomimetic nano-carrier
that can be loaded or surface decorated with biologics and can be
formulated for inhalation or for other administration routes.

NanoPhoria’s lead product, NP-MP1
is an inhalable nano-in-micro formulation, delivering a
proprietary peptide, first-in-class calcium channel modulator,
for the treatment of Heart Failure with reduced Ejection Fraction,
a chronic syndrome affecting the lives of millions worldwide.